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Draw : Swaps your party's front row with the back row. Can be used multiple times. Inhale : Puts the target into critical HP and absorbs the amount taken. Lullaby : Chance to put your entire party to Sleep. Mind Crush : Has a chance to cause several status effects. I never bothered to figure out everything that it can cause.

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Mirror Ring : Morphs into an exact copy of your party. I actually do not know if this one is used under Contract or not, so I stuck it here just in case. Nightmare : Chance to cause Fear status to your entire party. I am not sure of the differences between this and Shout. Soul Trap : Has a chance to cause several status effects.

Summon : Summons another enemy into battle. The enemy summoned depends on which enemy uses the skill, and the summoner does not Summon the same enemy that they are that would be Call Reinforcements. The enemy will continue to use this skill if there is anything in the 7th Summon Slot, even if it is dead.

Torrent of Darkness : Increases damage by 2x. Potions used normally, Turn Recovery, and Song of Healing still work. The effects range from removing conditions and curses to increasing specific resistances, and can make your party very powerful.

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The types of effects overlap on different Ore, so you have options, and you can use the AP value to cover multiple types of upgrades if you want. Remember that numbers do not stack, unless it is AC, so be sure to check what value your characters have before Forging See the Equipment Basics section below for more information. Forging equipment that is currently equipped to a character will remove said equipment from them, so do not forget to reequip it.

You cannot forge equipped items if they cannot be removed ex. There are some really powerful weapons, mostly in post game, that cannot be Forged.

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A Master Alchemist can Disassemble Forged equipment, allowing you to retrieve the Ore in tact and opening up the equipment for a new Forge. For this reason it is very handy to have an Alchemist at level 26 or above around, even if you do not use them in combat.

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If you do not have a Disassemble capable Alchemist you can remove the Ore buy selling and rebuying the equipment in the shop, but you will lose the Ore forever. The thing crafted depends on the combination used. Some items are consumable, while others work just by being in your inventory. Transmuting is a good way to make use of your low value Ore, though for consumables the higher the value of the Ore you use the more you get per transmutation. It is never consumed and you only need one in your inventory for the effect; multiple air seeds do not stack.

It only adds to the air timer itself and will not protect you if the timer hits zero. The lowest value is 5 minues giving 6 minutes total , but if you sell and rebuy it the AP value will give you 10 extra minutes instead if the AP value was above 10 before you sold it time will be lost instead. This item is required to explore some optional content.

About This Item

Teleports the bodies of your decimated party to Lohagra Temple , negating the need to pick their bodies up with a different, non-full party Having a character with Diomente on the bench is good for that. Clears all guaranteed battles on your current floor, though you can still get random battles. This is a very useful item if you just want to get to your objective.

Note that if you have a Sheephair Brush, guaranteed battles will still show on your map. They just won't trigger fights when you walk on them. Respawns all guaranteed battles on your current floor. Useful if the Pause Adventure trick does not appeal to you, or you have very old characters.

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Shows you the number of solid rock squares on your current floor. If you expect there might be a hidden area, you can use this to figure out if your instincts are right by counting the solid rock squares on your map, then comparing that number to the one the Rock Counter gives you. It is never consumed and you only need one in your inventory for the effect. Shows guaranteed battles on your in game map wherever you have stepped before.

Useful if you want to farm treasure if you don't have an outside source to look at. Shows the level of the targeted enemy in battle. Useful information for Summoners, and gives you a general idea of the levels your party members should be for an easier time. Shows RNG rolls in battle.

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It gives you a really interesting look at the inner workings of the game. Try having one when attempting a Contract to see why you'll sometimes have trouble landing it. Age ranges are dependant on the character's Race. Useful for older characters if you are too lazy to hunt for Kiss of the Goddess traps. Magic Herbs can be used by Servants in battle to restore the party's MP and are pretty rare until post game, so consider that before you start making Full-Health Potions and Revival Tonics.

There is a chance of failure when using Raw Material Mixing if your Servant's level is very low. For the most part, it is pretty easy to look at the stats of an item and tell if it is going to be a good match for your characters and playstyle, but there are a few quirks that you should keep in mind: AC Armor Class is your dodge and primary defensive stat against physical attacks. Some equipment, such as Staves, raise your AC and make you more vulnerable.

If you are unlucky with loot and feel your party's AC is too high, you can Forge some or use stackable spells that can manipulate it in battle. AC is the only stackable value on equipment via Forging, with two exceptions. You can see a character's total AC value on their status screen, or an abbreviated version in the corner of their portrait.

Resistances, Magic Attributes, and Turn Recovery , natural or otherwise, do not stack ; only the highest value is used. Weapons keep certain attributes to themselves, such as the chance to inflict status effects or hurt Ghosts, and are applied only when that specific weapon connects. Positive damage to enemy type modifiers will default to the weakest you have equipped. Buffs cast in battle will stack with equipment values.


Cursed equipment will stick to your characters if they are a potential target of the Curse and equip it. Devlish characters have the least amount of applicable Curses. If you want to preserve the equipment, you can remove the Curse via Forging in the Alchemy Warehouse with an Alchemist, but you have to apply the removal before equipping the item.

Removing the Curse or being immune to it does not negate the negative effects of the weapon. In the case of weapons that cause a character to not move, you can get around it by casting Sama Eyes or Feireed on the afflicted character during battle. The effect will return on the next battle though, so you will have to cure it again. Most Cursed equipment have a redeeming quality to them even if they look like garbage, so look closely. More information is provided in the Status Screen sections below.

As explained in the Equipment Basics section, with the exception of AC Armor Class all stats only use the highest value. What each stat does has already been covered in the Constructing a Party - Stats and Races section. The exception is VIT; the higher it is the more likely you will have better HP increases when you level up. Higher VIT also makes it less likely for a character to turn to Ash when attempting to resurrect them, but even very high values do not negate the chance completely.

For the most part, don't stress how many points you have unless the value goes below their Racial minimum, you want to class change, or you have a very young or old character with low VIT; reaching 0 VIT triggers permadeath when you Rest. That said, unless you forget to age a Spirit Pact character or purposefully make really old characters the chance of getting permadeath is really low.

It does not effect resistance.