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Now, we're working on a new mobile application that will change the way young Millenials consume fictive stories. It will be in the form of a chat screen. We're looking for someone who will help us with our German content by translating the chat stories. Since we upload apps almost on a weekly basis, we work a lot with …. We are looking for a Danish translator on a freelance basis. After you are hired, i will send you the mentioned file to translate.

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NO Google translator. Please send me back. Hello, I am looking for German-speaking, writing and reading person for website translation and localization. The person can be native or fluent speaking. The project details will be disclosed privately. The translation tasks would start from the end of this month November or in December. It is a long term job, which will be made step-by-step.

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Not instantly. We are looking to translate instruction manuals for our products from English to various european languages. If you are able to do any of these languages then please get in touch. Text needs to be accurate and technical information should be clear and accurate also. This will be a an ongoing requirement as we produce products throughout the year. Legal translation of a cooperation and data processing agreement which can be found in the attachment. We are a tattoo supply company, leader in Italy and Europe. We have around 15, products to translate titles and descriptions , and the source language is English.

Translations involve some technical terms about tattoo supplies. We have a legal document written in English and German by a lawyer. We have made some changes to the English section. We need these changes reflected in the German half of the contract. This is a very time sensitive task and needs to be completed within 3 hours.

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Hello, We are a Ecommerce company looking to enter the German market. We are in need of a freelance German translator to translate our websites, and to be available for our other translating needs. We are looking for long term, on call translators with q…. At the meeting we will go through operation of the apartment and check the condition so experience with this process in Germany is a plus. The meeting place is near to Treptower Park, Berlin and should l…. That's it. We need to have a document translated from English to German.

The document is approximately words long. The document to be translated is attached. Tasks are: - Setup properties in our system based on a table or website - containing infos like: xx m2, xx rooms, address, neighborhood, city etc. It's simple content writing work - perfect for students. You are allowed to uplo….

I need a simultaneous translator from German to English for 4 online interview between one English speaker and one German speaker. Book of Job. Job In Islam In rabbinic literature. Jemima Keziah Keren-happuch. Bildad Elihu Zophar Eliphaz. Testament of Job. Answer to Job analysis God's Favorite play J.

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Tomb of Job. Wikimedia Commons Media. Carl Jung.

Analytical psychology Cognitive functions Interpretation of religion Personality type Synchronicity Theory of neurosis. Active imagination Enantiodromia Extraversion and introversion Individuation Participation mystique. Bollingen Tower C. Section 1.

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Repeat the personal information from lines 5—12 about your spouse. Telefon: Vorwahl international, Vorwahl national, Rufnummer.


If you have a German mobile number just fill out Rufnummer, i. Internetadresse — website.

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Please keep in mind that what you write here may determine if the Finanamt sees you as a freelancer or Gewerbe tradesperson — starting a Gewerbe requires additional steps, so if you are in doubt research this carefully. It is also fine to write two things here. Freelancers using just one bank account complete lines 27— If you have separate personal and business accounts, complete lines 31—34 for your personal account and lines 35—38 for your business account.

Geldinstitut Name, Ort — bank Name, city. Kontoinhaber — account owner. If the bank account is under your name check the first box, lt. Zeile 5 — same as line 5. Zeile 14 — same as line If it is under a different name write that in the last box where it says ggf. Same as lines 27—30 for your personal account, if you have separate personal and business accounts. Same as lines 27—30 for your business account, if you have separate personal and business accounts. Do you want to have your taxes debited directly from your bank account by the Finanzamt?

This ensures any payments are done on time, avoiding possible penalties for late payments. Steuerliche Beratung — tax advisor. Check Nein or Ja — if you do not yet have a tax advisor skip to line Firma — company. Complete if a company does your taxes. Name, Vorname — last and first name. Complete if an individual person does your taxes. Postleitzahl, Ort — postal code, city. Telefon: Vorwahl international, Vorwahl national, Rufnummer —phone number s , international code, country code, phone number.

If you have a German mobile number just fill out Rufnummer , i. If your tax adviser from section 1. If nobody has power of attorney for you skip to line In line 59 write your move date.

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If you moved from abroad also add your country after the city. Were you or your spouse or civil partner audited for tax purposes in the last 3 years? If yes, add the name of the Finanzamt that audited you i. Finanzamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and your Steuernummer or freelance tax number. Section 2. If you work from home, leave lines 67—76 blank. Bezeichnung — company name. You only need to complete if you have a different official company address, phone number, email or website from what you entered in lines 8— Put the date you started any official tasks related to your business opening a business bank account, renting an office space, signing contracts, etc.

This date can also be before you officially do the Fragebogen. Will you have offices in more than one neighborhood? If not, check Nein and skip to line Information of additional branches of your office. Handelsregistereintragung — entry in Commercial Registry.