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For most golfers, the large difference in skill between our playing skills and those possessed by professional golfers is to be found in the short game. They can snuggle their approaches in closer, hit out of traps more effectively, and chip to gimme range more consistently than the rest of us. Hunt first gives the uninitiated a short biography of Hogan, tied together with a well-done synopsis of the swing Hogan described in his best-selling Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf.

From there, Hunt explains how to use those same elements in the next part of the short game, chipping, the bane of my own golfing existence. Hunt then brings the reader along to show how to apply these same fundamentals to longer pitches, three-quarter iron shots, and full swings with short clubs. Later chapters go into further detail to describe different kinds of greenside maneuvers, such as running chips or high-lofted approaches that stop quickly.

Another chapter toward the end is devoted to golf exercises, many of which can be performed at home in the dead of winter. Comments Posted: Jun 22 AM.

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Driver : Taylormade M2 Bob Toski and David Love Jr How to Feel A Real Golf Swing - Great at explaining what we should be feeling My view is read everything you can, take what's relevent at the time and revisit regularly - amazing what becomes relevant at a different time! The only book I got nothing from - The Golfing Machine by Homer Kelley; I gave up on the first page and have no idea what he was talking about. The Inner Game of Golf, by W. Timothy Gallwey. Guaranteed to lower your score or your dollar back!.

Rotella's stuff is great. I like Golf is not a game of Perfect.

Ben Hogan’s Power Golf: Classic Swing Breakdown

Watson's book on the short game, Getting up and down inside of 40 yards, is very impactful. Watson's Getting back to Basics is also good.

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Hogan's 5L is an interesting quick read - but don't overdo it. Pelz putting bible too Probably the clearest, simplest and best illustrated golf instruction book ever. The whole thing distilled into one and two-page lessons. The only book I refer to when trying to sort out my swing. The illustrations are more dated, but essentially the same as The Timeless Swing but for short-game. He gives you a complete putting, chipping and pitching system and teaches it to you in one page lessons.

Complete with progressive practice drills. Tom doesn't hold anything back here. I read this over the winter and implemented it this year and it has been near miraculous for my short-game. This category used to be filled with Tom Watson's Strategic Golf, but Raymond Floyd's book is simply denser with wisdom. The Elements of Scoring contains everything you need to know to score well anytime, but especially when your swing is only so-so. Posted: Jul 30 PM.

Breaking Down a Power Golf Swing

It is the only swing instruction I will ever need. You probably will not find it in a book store. I think it is only available on the web. Jeembo wrote:. The Impact Zone by Bobby Clampet - this book more than any other has affected the quality of my play. I've enjoyed thus far. Posted: Jul 31 PM. I don't have much to input here but I can tell you the two that I read and really enjoyed reading. Zen Golf 2. Just flipping thru "timeless golf swing" by T Watson I like the imagery about the football field post as an alignment aid I do this subconsciously but havent been able to put in words and I dont think I seen another instruction book describe like that Funny thing his first chapter talks about divots and how they should bottom out in front of the ball like dollar bills yet he was known as a golfer who took the minimum divots or not at all.

The best golf book I have ever read, the one that made it relatively simple to understand Hogan's "secret". In my opinion, the best book on Hogan I have ever read, and tremendously helpful to my golf swing, and above all, to my score!

New Legends: Larry Nelson on Jason Dufner

Jim McLean's 8-Step Swing. JBOMB wrote:. BrianL99 wrote:. Posted: Aug 01 AM. Has some dvd's as well. Posted: Aug 08 PM. Has anyone read this one by Tommy Armour? Posted: Aug 09 PM. Srixon Z 9.

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Finally got it in Definitely a good read for any mechanical minds out there. Posted: Aug 15 PM. Tom Watson's Timeless Swing, all golfers should own a copy. Posted: Aug 16 PM. I have been golfing 20 plus years and finally in decided to conquer my swing and master it. Part of the quest involved searching for and buying the best golf books I could find. As a result I have read and studies over golf books. Not just random books with a golf theme but books that promised to provide valuable information The best advice for golf books is avoid what will screw up your swing!!!!!

The rub is how do you know?