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Cardi B has claimed she was asked to appear on Little Mix's new single, Woman Like Me, instead of Nicki Minaj. In a string of Instagram videos.

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On September 6, , April Story was enjoying a blissful morning at her mountain property outside of Boulder, Colorado, when she saw a huge column of smoke. April was no stranger to wildfires. She slowly began to gather a few things she might want to take with her if she had to evacuate: two computers, some clothes, some toiletries, and a permaculture book from her library. She was saddling her horses at 3 p. There was no time to hesitate.

She refused to cut her horses loose and instead rode them down the canyon. One car passed her. A few days later she learned that her house was gone within 20 minutes of her departure. Miraculously, no one was hurt in the fire, but families in the area lost their homes. Life changes in an instant. April lost everything—her home, her business, everything she had built over the past 30 years—but her reaction was startlingly clear and calm.

Instead she turned to the light and decided to embrace her unexpected blank slate. For April there were so many gifts and lessons in the fire. First of all she had nowhere to put it, but, second, she was enjoying her newfound lightness. April distinguishes between being and doing. She was always a doer, but the fire changed that. Where some people saw tragedy, April saw possibility.

The fire marked a turning point and made her more aware of her spiritual connection and more committed to living life fully. For April starting over means taking one day at a time and consciously choosing each step of the journey. She will rebuild—both her house and her business—but she knows that both may look different. As an artist who raised and preserved wildflowers, she lost all of her inventory, so she is starting over from scratch.

I feel more alive than I have ever felt. An expat discovers that home is where the heart is. Within six weeks she had a job and a new life in Sydney. Nearly 20 years later, Julie Ann repeated the process—only this time her move took her across an ocean and through a bankruptcy.

Julie Ann was running her dream business in Sydney—promoting spiritual teachers and events—but when the global financial crisis hit, her passion was no match for the state of the economy. Never one to ignore intuition, Julie Ann moved mountains to make sure she was at that conference the following spring.

That visit to Boulder marked a turning point. I felt like I could breathe.

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Two weeks later Julie Ann cried when it was time to head back to Australia. She knew deep down that she wanted to be in Boulder. Julie Ann returned to Australia and got busy. What followed was a grueling period of losing everything—her house, her car, her business. From the outside her life appeared to be falling apart, but in reality it was falling together.

Four and a half months later, she was back in Boulder with a six-month tourist visa and a deep desire to stretch those six months into something more permanent. Though the transition felt right, it was not without challenges.

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She had no money and no job, and she was in a foreign country, but Julie Ann just knew that it felt right. This place just makes my soul happy. Once in Boulder, Julie Ann embraced the blank canvas that was her life. She found work and love and created a new home, but most important she found a deeper connection to herself.

Pamela A. Babusci is an award-winning haiku and tanka poet and haiga artist. Pamela has a deep desire to be creative on a daily basis, which feeds her spirit and soul and gives meaning to her life. Poetry and art have been an integral part of her existence since her early teenage years and will continue to be a driving force until she meets her creator. So, after I completed chemotherapy treatment for Stage I ovarian cancer, I wanted to express my innermost feelings to convey exactly how I felt during my cancer journey.

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My desire is that reading my tanka sequence will bring others comfort, strength, and healing. Breast surgeon Alice Police M. Laughter offers significant physical and emotional benefits for those living with chronic illness. Teofilo L. Lee-Chiong Jr. In Sickness and in Health When a wife becomes a caregiver, everything changes.

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Sort: Newest. Featured Community What is CBD oil, and what are people and scientists saying about its possibilities? Oct Social media likely plays a role in all this. We have weddings to celebrate relationships, graduations to honor those who made it through years of school, and even going-away parties to commemorate people setting off on their next adventure.

The point of trying on so many new settings and identities is to find our true selves. But that means we eventually have to find the right one and hold onto it. Exploration and all it entails — finding yourself, finding home — only works if we give our discoveries a chance to strengthen their hold on us. But the new beginning meant new people, new jobs, and new situations, which had to be started from scratch each time. It was supposed to feel like freedom.

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Instead, all the newness, all the time, felt eerily like being lost. Those hikes and dinner parties never actually materialized. I remember the sensation of existing between parallel worlds of the new and the even newer. I was standing in my new apartment with my new gray sofa and recently signed lease, both signs of staying. But my bags were only half-unpacked on my closet floor, and job listings in a different city were pulled up on my computer.

Because I was perpetually starting over, I lacked any ties to people to share new discoveries with.

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It rendered them hollow instead of significant. Exploration and all it entails — finding yourself, finding home, finding love, finding likes and dislikes — only works if we give our discoveries a chance to strengthen their hold on us. And that seems pretty new to me. Sign in. Get started. The New New. We pick up and move from city to city, trying on new identities but rarely sticking with them.

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